Pottery workshop in Valencia

Come and enjoy the social atmosphere while creating your own ceramic pieces. Craft custom mugs, plates, or vases! We embrace hand-building techniques and organic shapes. No pottery or artistic background is needed. After the workshop, the pieces will be fired and glazed.

Pottery Classes & Workshops in Valencia:

  • Workshop - Experience

    Enjoy the social atmosphere with like-minded people while creating your own ceramic pieces. It's fun, and everyone will end up with at least one finished ceramic piece.


    When: Friday & Saturday

    Where: Ruzafa, Valencia

    Price: 45 EUR

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  • Classes - Weekly

    Make your own ceramics with hand-building in our ongoing classes. Learn techniques and how to glaze or decorate your pieces. Materials, tools, and firing are included.


    When: Monday-Thursday

    Where: Ruzafa, Valencia

    Price: From 22,50 EUR

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  • Private Workshop or Event

    Unique and creative activity for your next event or gathering with friends, family, or co-workers. The event last around 2 hours, with all tools and materials provided.


    Where: At your own location or at my studio in Valencia

    Price: From 45 EUR/person

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  • Pottery for Kids

    The workshop for kids is designed to be fun, social, and educational - a fantastic way for them to learn new skills and express themselves creatively in a supportive environment.

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Why join a ceramic class?

Social atmosphere: Join a welcoming and social environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Guided instruction: Receive guidance throughout the session to help you create your ceramic pieces.

Stress relief: Pottery can be a therapeutic activity, helping you relax, unwind, and escape from the outside world for a few hours.

Keep your creations: While you won't take your pieces home on the day of the workshop, you will later receive your beautifully crafted ceramics.

Beginner-Friendly: No previous experience with ceramics is required; our workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

Come alone or bring friends: Many participants come alone and join our supportive community, or you can bring your friends - this is also the perfect gift or group activity.

History of pottery in Valencia

Valencia has a long history in the world of pottery and ceramics. The region has been a melting pot of cultural influences, particularly during the Moorish period, when advanced pottery techniques and designs were introduced. Especially Manises, a town near Valencia, has been a renowned center for ceramics since the 14th century. The ceramics from Manises are influenced by both Islamic art and later by Italian Renaissance styles. Ceramics were highly prized and exported throughout Europe, making Valencia an important hub for pottery.

Whether you are visiting as a tourist or live in Valencia, a class to play with clay is the perfect activity to release your creativity and become a part of the ongoing story of ceramics.

Meet your instructor

Hola, my name is Cristina 👋

I love the process of building with my hands, creating different shapes, and turning my ideas into useful creations. I fell in love with clay from the first touch.

After having my own brand for two years, I recently started offering pottery classes and have been loving the opportunity to connect with people through my passion.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting my small business.