Small batch ceramics

Saleta is unique ceramics for your everyday moments. Each piece is handbuilt and made to last a lifetime.



Hola, my name is Cristina 👋

My story with clay started during the lockdown in 2021. The pandemic changed my perspective in many ways, and made me look for a new hobby.

By coincidence, I found a small ceramic studio close to my house and had my first ceramic class. My goal was to make pots for my beloved plants. I fell in love with clay from the first touch. Every class felt like meditation and my small escape from the outside world.

I love the process of building with my hands, creating different shapes and turning my ideas into useful creations. I will always embrace imperfection and organic shapes in my designs, creating one-of-a-kind, unique pieces with character.

I am still a newcomer to ceramics and love developing my skills and learning every day. All of my pieces are made of high-quality stoneware clay, slow-dried, and glazed, made to last a lifetime.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


All of my pieces are made by hand of high-quality stoneware clay, slow-dried, and glazed. They are made with love to last a lifetime. My contrast to a world full of unimportant products made to be sold and thrown away.

Each product is a 3-week process where every step is crucial for the final product.